Knee Clinic

Introduction about knee problems:

Pain, swelling, and stiffness of knee joints are common symptoms of knee problems arising from various knee pathological conditions like Osteoarthritis ( OA ) which is age-related wear and tear of cartilage, Ligament injuries, fractures around the knee joints, Inflammatory arthritis, etc.

The treatments and services we provide:

  • Total Knee Replacement(computer navigation TKR & Robotic assisted TKR)
  • Revision Total Knee replacement
  • Uni-compartmental knee Replacement
  • High Tibial Osteotomy
  • Arthroscopic knee washout / Debridement
  • Arthroscopic ligament reconstruction
  • Fixation of simple and complex fractures around the knee joint


What Makes Us Different?
• Highly trained and experienced surgeons
• State -of-the-art-operation theater
• Advance Medical Technology
• Patient-centered care - we follow our ethos of "Personalised care personally"
• "One-stop center" for all your Knee problems

When You Should See a Doctor About Your Knee Pain?
• Knee pain lasting more than 48 hours
• Knee Pain affecting Day to Day activities
• Knee Pain affecting sleep
• Knee pain causing difficulty walking, climbing stairs
• Knee pain accompanied by swelling, redness, and fever
• After Knee injury - twisting / direct injury
• Instaibilty / Locking of the knee joint while walking
• Progressive Knee deformity
• Knee joint stiffness and Reduced Range of motion

What is robotic joint replacement?
• In Robotic TKR, information obtained from pre-operative radiographs and intra-operative osseous mapping is converted to the patient-specific virtual 3D model of the knee joints by using computer software.
• This virtual 3D model is used to plan appropriate bone cuts, implant positioning, gap balancing, and limb alignment based on the patient’s specific anatomy.
• During operation robotic arm helps to execute this patient-specific plan with a high level of accuracy

Who should undergo this surgery?
If you have Knee pain that is limiting your daily living activities like walking, getting in and out of the chair, and climbing stairs, and is not responding to anti-inflammatory medication, intra-articular injections, physical therapy, and lifestyle modification, then you should consider surgery as a treatment option.

Does the robot actually carry out the operation?
The surgeon makes an incision, performs a surgical approach, and does peri-articular soft tissue dissection, anatomical osseous mapping, planning, and decision making on a virtual 3D model. Robotic Arm /Robotic device assists in executing planned bone resection and implant positioning with improved accuracy under surgeons control

What are the advantages of robotic-assisted technology?
• Improved accuracy
• Improved Bio-mechanics of joint
• Greater stability of joint
• Improved Range of motion
• Improved preservation of the periarticular soft tissue
• Faster recovery
• Improved patient satisfaction

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