AI for Pre - Diabetes

AI for Pre - Diabetes

1 IN 2 adults living with Diabetes is undiagnosed!

This unique personalized AI -Artificial Intelligence-based Risk Score (PRE -DIABETES ) to predict Cardiovascular Disease Events interpreted by the doctor is specially designed to help you understand what you are at risk for (PREDICT RISK, PREVENT premature health events, and OVERCOME chronic lifestyle diseases where possible).

  • Comprehensive & Holistic Risk Assessment
  • Integrated Clinical Decision Support Tool (What Next to do)

What is pre-diabetes and is it reversible?

Pre-diabetes is a wake-up call, it's your body telling you IT'S TIME TO TAKE ACTION, you are already in the danger zone by this point. A pre-diabetes diagnosis means you have higher than normal blood glucose levels, a warning sign to people who will develop diabetes if they don’t make serious lifestyle changes. Without intervention, people with pre-diabetes are likely to become type 2 diabetics within 1 TO 10 years.​​
  Yes, genetics, age, and ethnicity all play a role in developing Pre-diabetes BUT food, lifestyle, stress, and underlying other health issues factors play a bigger role…

​Here are some of the main factors

  • ​Sedentary lifestyle that involves moving from bed to car, to office, to the sofa to bed again 
  • Eating high-carb and high-sugar meals, from bread to cakes, Cookies, cereals, and pizzas (even if you are not overweight) 
  • High-stress levels continuously from the minute you wake up to the minute you sleep! 
  • Being Overweight and having visceral fat (abdominal fat)

Insulin resistance and pre-diabetes (and sometimes even full-blown Type 2 diabetes) can be reversed with the right course of action, a clean diet, balancing blood sugar, exercising, and managing stress!

Don't wait until it's too late & avoid adding one more person to the millions that suffer from Diabetes every year, You don’t want you or anyone dear to you to end up depending on the medication and risking your health just because you didn’t act early enough.



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