Our wings extend towards Your Home

PRIME Homecare provides skilled medical care and nursing management at your home. Their services extend to those under medical treatment when the client is homebound due to illness or injury. Our licensed medical team performs professionally competent health services as directed by our client’s physician. The focus is on providing the highest quality and most cost-effective care for each individual.

Offering a better Homecare Services:

Disability Care

Services for elderly

Chronic illness care support

Dementia Care Support

Stroke Recovery care

Palliative Care

Mother and baby care

Doctors’ visits

Child Health Services

Nutrition Management

Skilled Nursing Care

Blood/specimen Collection for Lab Investigations

Patient escort for Hospital / Home



Education and counseling to caregivers

Medical Equipment for home supplies


Our Promise:


It is of high priority for these services to be provided on time and every time. Having a punctual and consistent Service Provider is key


Finding the right support from the homecare team which helps to build a respectful, and enjoyable relationship. This is an essential part of our service.


Our Homecare team clearly understands what service you have employed, what you need, as well as the expected results you want from each specific service.

Prime attention begins at Home.

We provide specialized home Healthcare Services, so the client can stay at home while receiving personalized quality care and support you need at all time. Empowering people to access the care and support of your choice which is a fundamental right for every individual treated. Our services are inclusive. Care is taken to meet the needs of all our clients regardless of race, age, gender, creed, color, nationality, religion, handicap, and marital status. 

Right Care, Right at Home

PRIME homecare has a large workforce of qualified healthcare professionals including doctors, registered nurses, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants and support staff who all have previous experience of working within our service user’s homes. 

We are proud of our comprehensive internal quality assurance systems, which are continually reviewed and monitored.

Live-in Care

Patient Escort

In-home Care

Dementia Care

Mother and Baby Care

Senior Care

Skilled Nursing Care

Disability Services

We Listen

We Care

We Respond

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