Dr. Mohammed Anas Wahba | Ophthalmology

Specialist Ophthalmologist

Graduated from Damascus Medical School, Syria, Dr. Anas undertook all his specialist training program in Ophthalmology in one of the busiest University Training Hospitals in the Middle East named Al Mousat Hospital- Damascus University located in the heart of the capital, Damascus. Alongside his last two years of training and after completing his residency training program, Dr. Anas worked as a Specialist Registrar at an Eye Ear Specialty Hospital at which he got trained again by many other worldwide recognized Consultants. The training was focused on Anterior Segment Diseases including cataract, corneal diseases, refractive surgery as well as Medical Retina problems management. Then he went to the UK to get more experienced in Anterior Chamber and Medical Retina Ophthalmology and did clinical rotations in Medical Retina and Anterior Chamber at John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford University.  He also got a fellowship training in Cataract Surgery Small and Temporal incision from Eye Bank Hospital, India. His experience of working in the United Arab Emirates is vast due to the last years spent in one of the MOH hospitals, where he provided general ophthalmic services.


  • Small Incision Cataract surgery (Phacoemulsification) with topical anaesthesia
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Keratoconus Management
  • Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment
  • Intravitreal  Injections
  • Routine Medical Retina Cases including Ageing Macular Degeneration treatment
  • Probing and Syringing, with or without intubation
  • Laser assisted Dacryocystorhinostomy