Dr. Ahmed Yahya Shoeib | Ophthalmology

Specialist Ophthalmologist

Graduated at the Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University, Cairo Egypt. Completed his master degree in Ophthalmology at Cairo University which is considered the oldest and one of the most prestigious medical schools in the Middle East. Worked at Cairo university hospitals from 2007 till 2009. Worked at the eyes specialized center in Qassim Saudi Arabia in 2010 & 2011. Completed several training programs on the latest micro-surgical techniques for cataract removal in Egypt and India.


  • Cataract removal and IOL insertion
  • Glaucoma ( increased IOP) management and follow up
  • Conjunctival inflammation ( bacterial, viral, allergic)
  • Keratoconus and other corneal diseases
  • Dry eyes and lacrimal system disorders
  • Squint and other pediatric related eye problems
  • Errors of refraction and contact lenses
  • Posterior segment disorders


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