Dr. Srinivas Janga | Neurosurgery


Dr. Srinivas Janga earned his M.CH. Neurosurgery from the prestigious Nizams Institute of Medical Sciences, Hyderabad, India, a topnotch center handling a high-volume of brain and spine surgeries cases. With a training in micro neurosurgery, he handles patients who have been diagnosed with simple to complex brain tumors; skull base disorders; and neurovascular such as aneurysm clipping. He also performs STA- MCA bypass; carotid endarterectomy; neuroendoscopy such as ETV and pituitary tumors; epilepsy surgeries such as temporal lobectomies and hemispherectomies; stereotactic biopsies; and deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease.
Dr. Srinivas has an enormous experience in managing medical and surgical neurotrauma, from simple to complex head injuries to spine injuries.  He is a specialist in managing CV junction, cervical, thoracic, and sacral problems, which include fractures, tumors, degenerative, and congenital issues. His special interest is minimally invasive spine surgery.
Dr. Srinivas is a life member of the Neurological Society of India and Indian Medical Association. A faculty for some of the spine conferences, he helps organize live surgery workshops. He took special training programs in endoscopic spine surgeries in India and South Korea. His technical edge lies in key hole, stitchless percutaneous endoscopic, laser-assisted lumbar disc surgeries, and various procedures under local anesthesia (day care spine). 
  • PELD (Stitchless percutaneous transforaminal endoscopic, laser-assisted lumbar discectomy under local anesthesia as a Day Care Spine)
  • PSLD (Percutaneous Stenoscopic Lumbar Decompression- Full Endoscopic)
  • PSCD (Percutaneous Cervical Stenoscopic Decompression- Full Endoscopic)
  • SELD (Sacral Epiduroscopic Lumbar Discectomy)
  • Foraminoplasty, Annuloplasty, Dorsal rhizotomies, Epiduroscopy, and other pain procedures
  • Neurotrauma such as adult and pediatric head injuries, spine fractures, and spinal cord injuries
  • Micro neurosurgery for Brain tumors, pituitary and spinal cord tumors
  • Skull base, Epilepsy and functional surgeries
  • Stroke surgeries for brain hemorrhage and brain clots (carotid endarterectomy)
  • Minimally invasive spine surgeries such as Kyphoplasty, Vertebroplasty, Percutaneous Pedicle Screw Fixations, and MIS TLIF


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