Dr. Samer Al Fil | General Practice

General Practitioner

Dr. Samer Al Fil graduated from Aleppo University in 2001. The doctor set up his own private clinic in Syria up to 2012 as a General Practitioner (GP). He also worked as a GP at Al-Enayaa Al-Tobbiah Hospital and Al-Tobb Al-Hadeeth Hospital in Syria. In Dubai, Dr. Samer became part of a leading r Medical Center until January 2019. Dr. Samer participated in various medical seminars and lectures on child care, vaccination, nutrition, and child growth monitoring. He also took part in medical lectures on transmission of diseases, signs and symptoms, prevention and treatment. He was interviewed on CNBC -Arabia Channel in Dubai, discussing about diabetes mellitus (DM) and the relationship between DM and sugar consumption.
  • Management of acute infectious diseases
  • Management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, DM, hyperlipidemia, asthma and other respiratory- related diseases, gout, and hypothyroidism
  • Management of mini - surgery cases: wounds, burns, ingrown nails, furuncles, and abscess
  • Management of emergency cases
  • Post- surgery care and patient preparation for surgery
  • Lifestyle-related chronic conditions


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