Dr. Nahla Shafie | Ophthalmology

Specialist Ophthalmologist

Dr. Nahla Shafie moved to Dubai 2015 to work as a Specialist Ophthalmologist. Under her role, she handles various forms of eyes diseases in adults and children such as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. She also performs all refractive procedures for vision correction, including Lasik surgery and PRK, to name a few. 
In Cairo, Dr. Nahla, a master’s degree holder, was part of the Ophthalmology Research Institute where she spent her six-month residency after graduating from Cairo University. She later worked as an assistant lecturer in the same institute and won a fellowship in its Refractive Department.  She also joined ICO’s Refractive Unit. Dr. Nahla conducted studies on Lasik surgery, different cornea ablation procedures, intraocular lenses and intra corneal rings for treatment of keratoconus patients, and collagens cross linking.
  • Diagnosis and management of all vision problems and eye diseases for adults and children
  • All emergency ophthalmology cases, including surgical
  • All cataract cases, including cataract extraction and IOL implantation with post-operative care
  • Refractive surgeries, including Lasik, epi-Lasik, PRK, and intra-ocular lenses and intact based on the patients’ needs
  • Diagnosis and management of different glaucoma cases with close follow-ups
  • Management of retinal cases with argon laser if needed
  • Grading and management of diabetic retinopathy cases, including pan retina photocoagulation (PRP) and intra-virtual injections
  • Analysis tools such as FFA, perimetry, UBM, OCT, VEP, ERG, and many more
  • Pediatric ophthalmology cases