Dr. Jagdish Singh Shekhawat | Internal Medicine

Specialist Internal Medicine

Dr. Jagdish Singh Shekhawa has 34 years of experience as a specialist and consultant physician in various hospitals in India, Oman, and the UAE. Prior to joining Prime Medical Center - Ajman, Dr. Jagdish worked as an Internal Medicine Specialist in a leading medical center in Sharjah for two years. For five years, he was a Senior Consultant Physician and Specialist- Endocrinology and Diabetes in a leading medical facility in Jodhpur, India. From April 1993 to May 2011, he was a specialist physician at Diwan of Royal Court - the Palace Muscat in Oman where he handled medical cases involving Arab patients.
Dr. Jagdish used to be connected to a one stop diabetic clinic as well where he supervised the nursing staff. He was also credited for introducing the concept of e- health in the same facility by developing telemedicine services. Additionally, the Indian specialist escorted critically ill patients to various centers in the US, the UK, and India.
He has been presenting his research works in prestigious conferences and publishing his papers in peer-reviewed journals. He also graced various Continuing Medical Education events in India, Oman, and UAE as a speaker. A known team player with good interpersonal skills, Dr. Jagdish is a fluent speaker in Hindi, English, and Arabic.
  • Diagnosing and treating various medical conditions
  • Treating various endocrine disorders
  • Dealing with various diabetic patients
  • Dealing with emergency medical conditions