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Have you been experiencing skin-related issues for a while now? There are multiple reasons for it, some of which are related to the environment. The ever-deteriorating global environment and increasing carbon footprint is not helping either. Rest assured, we have the solution for you so stay put, and be ready to visit the best dermatologist in Dubai.

The skin happens to be the largest organ of the body. This is because it covers the entire outside of the body, and serves a number of functions too. This includes storing fat, water and vitamin D, protecting the body, regulating body temperature, and sensorial stimulation. There are three layers of the skin, known as the epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layer. All of these layers are subject to a number of common diseases, including impetigo, acne, moles, hives, eczema, melanoma, warts, rosacea, psoriasis, skin cancers, fungal infections and certain life-threatening diseases including lupus erythematosus, scleroderma and pemphigus.

Prime Medical Center’s Dermatology department has a team of highly skilled professionals, including world-class dermatologists and highly qualified nurses, all of whom are passionate about providing the highest standards of care to our patients. Most importantly, our team is dedicated to honing their expertise for which they regularly take up training and skill up-gradation programs. This way, it is assured that they are constantly on top of the rapid advances that take place in the field of dermatology.

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Dermatologists are basically doctors who hold a specialty in the health of the hair, skin, mucous membranes and nails. Dermatology is an area of the medical field that deals with all of these areas. You need to remember that your skin is the very first line of defense against injuries and bacteria. It is for this reason that it is highly recommended for you to consult with a dermatologist even if you do not suffer from any pressing issues. At Prime Medical Center, our expert dermatologists have developed methods that help keep your skin healthy and free from damages. Try our skincare procedures and you will notice a marked improvement in your skin.

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