Colon Cancer Package

Colon Cancer Package

Why is a Stool for Occult Blood Test Important?

  • This painless test can catch colon cancer in its early stages, often before symptoms appear.
  • Early detection significantly improves treatment options and survival rates.

Screening Colonoscopy: This advanced examination allows for a detailed visual inspection of your colon, potentially leading to early removal of precancerous polyps.

Do you know when a Colonoscopy is Recommended? 

Colonoscopy is generally recommended for individuals:

  • Aged 45 and above (or earlier if you have risk factors)
  • Experiencing persistent changes in bowel habits as mentioned in the poster.
  • Having a family history of colon cancer

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**The discount applies only on the procedure 

**Does not apply to any other services involved such as medication, any daycare or sedation

**Histopathology discount 20%

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