Prime Hospital has achieved a 100% cure rate for malaria cases treated in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and Dubai Health Authority.
According to officials at the hospital, medical and nursing staff under the supervision of Dr. Adel Al Sisi, Consultant – Critical Care Medicine and Chief Medical Director at Prime Hospital, dealt with the accuracy and care of malaria infections. Prime Hospital is committed to offering the best means of health care and the provision of medical services as per the highest international standards adopted and under the supervision of a group of specialists.
In the line of the efforts of the medical team to achieve a high rate of success in the treatment of cases of malaria, patients were evaluated after leaving the hospital, where the tests proved that they have improved significantly after treatment without any complications that could affect their lives in the future. This achievement comes in line with the Government of Dubai’s determination to ensure the emirate is one of the most important health cities free of infectious diseases in the world.
The hospital has dealt with a number the cases of malaria in the last eight months, most of which were serious and fatal, causing multiple organ dysfunction and requiring continuous follow-up and monitoring of patients in intensive care until their condition improved
Medical officials have advised the public to visit medical centers should they start experiencing symptoms of the disease. In addition, those wishing to travel to countries with malaria infections are also being advised to visit institutions and travel agencies for information and preventive measures to be taken before and during their travel.

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