Dubai Ambulance honors Prime Hospital

Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services confirmed that the health sector in Dubai provides the highest standards of medical care for patients and injured, in line with the highest international standards. The Dubai Ambulance Services Corporation organized a party to honor the distinguished hospitals and medical facilities, to provide high quality medical services that contribute to saving the lives of patients.
The Executive Director of Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services, Khalifa Hassan Al Drai, said that the Dubai Ambulance is keen to honor medical facilities that provide the highest standards of healthcare when receiving sick cases from paramedics, which contributes to achieving the humanitarian mission of the Corporation. Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services has honored Prime Hospital, as a strategic partner, for the outstanding performance and services provided by the hospital for sick cases transported by ambulances to the hospital's emergency department.
The award was received by the Managing Director of Prime Healthcare Group and Prime Hospital Dr. Jamil Ahmed, confirming that this award reflects the commitment of Prime Hospital as a multidisciplinary hospital that can accommodate all emergencies through advanced emergency facilities under one roof.
Dubai ambulances had transported a patient who had a heart attack to Prime Hospital, and the hospital emergency team had a heart revival lasted for about 60 minutes. And it became clear to the hospital emergency department that the patient suffers from a complete blockage of the heart artery, so he underwent urgent catheterization surgery, which saved his life. Dubai Ambulance Corporation confirmed that it is keen to reach emergency cases and reach them in hospitals within a few minutes, and the rapid response of emergency departments in the receiving hospitals contributes to saving the lives of patients.

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