Dr. Thaer Darwish | Neurosurgery

Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine care

Dr. Thaer Darwish is a German neurosurgeon, who obtained his Medical Degree at the University of Jordan in Amman. After Medical degree, he obtained an MD title also from New York, USA and he did research in Brain tumors (Glioblastoma multiforme) at Harvard medical school in Boston-USA.  His residency was at Bochum University in Germany and its affiliated university Hospital as well as Bergmannsheil & Children Hospital in Gelsenkirchen in Germany. He is also a fully registered neurosurgeon in the British General Medical Council (GMC).

Dr. Darwish then worked as specialist Neurosurgeon at Bergmannsheil & Children Hospital in Gelsenkirchen in Germany and then as a consultant Neurosurgeon & Neuro-traumatologist at Bochum University Hospital in Germany. After that, He was working as Consultant Neurosurgeon & Spine surgeon at Paderborn spinal center (affiliated academic hospital of Georg-August-University Gottingen) where he did a lot of complex spinal surgeries in minimally invasive techniques & robotic spinal surgery.

Dr. Darwish has a very good experience in Neurosurgery, with a special interest in minimally invasive complex spinal surgeries & robotic spinal surgeries. He participated in many conferences as speaker in Germany, trained and passed his experience to a lot of spinal surgeons on the robotic spinal surgery & minimal invasive complex spinal surgery during his work as a consultant Neurosurgeon at Paderborn spinal center. Languages spoken: Arabic, English and German


  • Conservative pain management for all spinal issues.
  • Treatment of all spinal degenerative changes.
  • Minimal Invasive Lumbar disc surgeries (Endoscopic & Microscopic).
  • Minimal Invasive Cervical disc surgeries (Microscopic).
  • Minimal Invasive Thoracic disc surgeries (Endoscopic & Microscopic).
  • Vertebral bodies replacement surgeries.
  • Trans-thoracic (Thoracoscopic) or Microscopic approaches for Thoracic spine.
  • Retroperitoneal Approaches for Lumbar spine.
  • Percutaneous minimal invasive spinal fixation of spine.
  • Tumour surgery of the spine & spinal cord (Microscopic approaches)
  • Peripheral nerve surgeries.
  • Brain Tumour surgeries (Microscopic).
  • Traumatic brain injury surgery (Sub-/Epidural hematoma, skull fractures, Skull base injury)
  • Intracerebral /Intraventricular hemorrhage surgery.
  • Brain Anomalies surgeries.
  • Brain & Spine Vascular surgeries (aneurysms, AV-Malformations, Cavernomas, etc.)