Dr. Sameh Shoukry Zaki | Anesthesiology

Consultant Anaesthesiologist

Specialist Anesthesiologist in Prime Hospital Dubai and lecturer of anesthesia in Cairo University-Egypt, Dr. Sameh Provides expert anaesthesia care to patients undergoing all types of surgeries done in Prime hospital with focus on complicated morbidly obese cases presenting for bariatric surgeries, high risk cardiac cases, all regional techniques of anaesthesia including epidural catheter placement for pregnant females in labor.

Prior to joining Prime Hospital, Dr. Sameh was practicing anesthesia and pain management since 2001 in several tertiary medical centers and teaching hospitals. He worked as a specialist anesthesiologist in Mowasat Hospital (Kuwait) than in Kuwait Specialized Eye Centre as head of the Anaesthesia Department. He subsequently relocated to Dubai where he worked at Emirates hospital as a specialist anesthesiologist. Dr. Sameh has earned his medical degree from Cairo University in 1999, the same place where he worked as a resident, assistant lecturer then as a lecturer of anesthesia and earned his master degree in anesthesia in 2004 and his medical doctrine (MD) degree in anesthesia and pain management in 2008.


  • Cardiac anesthesia for complicated heart surgeries
  • Anesthesia for Liver transplant procedures (LDLT)
  • Ultrasound-guided regional blocks
  • Epidural analgesia for painless labor
  • Anaesthetic management of pediatric and geriatric patients
  • Difficult intubation patients requiring fiberoptic bronchoscopy techniques



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