Dr. Kaydar Al Chalabi | Rheumatology

Specialist Rheumatologist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Kaydar Al Chalabi is a Specialist in Rheumatology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation who brings more than 25 years of experience in medical practice. His areas of expertise include Rheumatologic Diseases, Local Pain Management, Neurological Injuries, Pre/Post Orthopedic Management and Rehabilitation, and Post Amputations.

Prior to joining Prime Hospital, Dr. Kaydar was a Specialist in Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation at the leading Medical Center in Dubai. He was also the former CEO of a leading Hospital in Dubai specialized in Rheumatology and Consultant Physician and Director General of the Iraqi National Spinal Cord Injuries Center (NSCIC).

Dr. Kaydar holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Medicine and Surgery (MBChB) from the College of Medicine at the University of Mosul in Iraq. He also completed a Master’s Degree in Physical Medicine, Rheumatology and Rehabilitation from the Faculty of Medicine, Ains Shams University in Egypt.


  • Rheumatologic Diseases (Rheumatoid Artheritis, Osteoartheritis, Gouty Artheritis etc.
  • Local Pain Management (Neck, Back, Joint, Nerves & Muscles)
  • Intra-articular & Trigger Point Therapy & Intra-lesional PRP Injections
  • Pre/Post Orthopedic (Joint Replacements) Management & Rehabilitation
  • Management of Sports Injuries
  • Neurological Injuries (Spinal cord injuries, stroke, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, neuropathies, cerebral palsy, spasticity ...etc
  • Neurogenic bladder, bowel dysfunction, transrectal electrostimulation for ejaculatory failure due to neurological causes (Spinal cord injuries and Diabetic Neuropathies)
  • Post Amputations (Upper & Lower Extremities, Orthoses & Prostheses)