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Prime Hospital is proud to be chosen as a member of Dubai Medical Tourism Club

Prime Hospital, one of the pioneers in the field of medical tourism in the UAE, has now become an active member of the Dubai Medical Tourism (DMT) Club. As part of this esteemed club, Prime Hospital will bring together healthcare facilities of the DMT program and thereby create an environment to share experiences and promote Dubai as a Medical Tourism hub.

Prime Hospital will also follow DMTs value proposition of trust that patients can look forward to in terms of the best facility, experience and price, transparency in pricing, treatment and service offerings and lastly having the best talent cater to patients. As part of the DMT club, Prime Hospital will also actively participate in all the events and seminars conducted by DMT and will be one of the strong voices among others promoting medical tourism in Dubai.

"In terms of infrastructure, connectivity and qualified personnel Dubai was already well-positioned to attract a major share of the healthcare tourism traffic. The medical tourism strategy has now sought to consolidate such advantages into evolving an internationally competitive healthcare ecosystem, with clearly defined targets," commented Dr.Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director, Prime Healthcare Group - one of the leading private sector healthcare provider in the UAE.

Dubai is considered one of the world's best and cost-effective medical tourism hubs and attracts tourists from across the globe to avail the best healthcare facilities. This is largely due to the affordable cost of treatment, state-of-the-art medical facilities and the presence of a bilingual medical team that can cater to several nationalities from across the globe.