Signs That You Should See A Gynecologist Immediately

Booking an appointment with a gynaecologist once every year is recommended for every woman over the age of 25 years. However, sometimes it so happens that you may experience something is not right with your body. Whenever you feel there are some womanly concerns that are not easy for you to discern, finding the best gynaecologist in Dubai is recommended. Even the most minor symptoms may sometimes point towards big problems.
Discussed below are some common symptoms that call for you to book an appointment with a gynaecologist right away.
  1. Pain or Burning Sensation while Urinating: If you feel pain or burning sensation when you urinate, it might be indicative of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Women are more susceptible to such infections in comparison to men. You might also have running fever or spot blood in your urine. Consulting a gynaecologist is advised for diagnosis and treatment.
  1. Irregular Menstrual: If you notice your menstrual cycle undergoing changes or coming to a halt, you must immediately see a gynaecologist in Dubai. It could be caused due to hormonal imbalance or stress but it could also point towards some bigger issue relating to ovaries. Ignoring menstrual irregularities can lead to reproductive disorders in the future.
  1. Blisters or Sores on Genitals: A sore or blister on your genitals could be pointing towards some sexually transmitted infection. There can definitely be other reasons behind such sores; however, they generally do not go away without medical supervision. Find the best gynaecologist in Dubai and book an appointment to discuss the issue.
  1. Vaginal Discharge or Itching: Discharge, itching, or a foul smell could be pointing towards yeast infection, bacterial infection, or a sexually transmitted infection. In most cases, such issues do not get resolved themselves. It becomes crucial to find the right gynaecologist who can evaluate the symptoms and provide treatment accordingly.
  1. Pain in the Lower Abdomen: There can be numerous causes of pelvic pain or the one which occurs in the lower abdomen. Some common causes include fibroid tumours, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, and ovarian cysts. You may also be suffering from a health condition known as a pelvic inflammatory disease. Discomfort and pain are the body’s way of letting you know that you must seek medical help.
  1. Pain During Intercourse. Some of the reasons due to which pelvic pain occurs can also be the reason behind the pain experienced during intercourse. Some women can easily treat relieve the pain by using some sort of lubrication. If that does not end the pain, you must consult your gynaecologist for proper diagnosis. Find someone you can open up to regarding your concern.
  1. Pain or Abnormalities in Breasts. You might not be aware of this but abnormalities in the breasts are to be reported to a gynaecologist. If you experience, lumps, pain, discomfort, discharge, or bloody discharge from your breasts, it is advised that you book an appointment with a gynaecologist. Apart from this, if the nipples appear to be crusty or scaly, red, or swollen, you should report the same to your doctor immediately.
Do not make the mistake of ignoring the aforementioned symptoms and consult the best gynaecologist in Dubai right away. Ask your family members or friends for recommendations or you can search online to come across a reliable and trustworthy gynaecologist.


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