Prime Hospital performs delicate spinal operation using minimally-invasive spinal surgical technology

Prime Hospital performs delicate spinal operation using minimally-invasive spinal surgical technology

Newly opened Spine Care Center provides modern treatment methods

The Spine Care Center of Prime Hospital, the UAE’s leading healthcare service provider, has successfully performed a delicate spinal operation using minimally invasive surgical technologies on an Argentinian lady suffering from low back pain.  A team of specialists headed by Dr. Thaer Darwich, Consultant-Neurosurgeon and Spine Care, conducted the risky surgical procedure. Prime Hospital’s recently opened Spine Care Center was established to provide spinal care solutions, starting from diagnosis and pain management to advanced surgical techniques and physiotherapy.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director of Prime Hospital, said: “Prime Hospital is fully committed to providing the best health services and innovative medical treatments, including minimally invasive spinal surgery, to all our patients in the hope of delivering the highest patient satisfaction.  The surgery performed using minimally invasive surgical technologies has reduced the patient's exposure to scars and pain. Our team used small endoscopes to meet our goals.”





Dr.  Thaer added: “Upon admission, the patient underwent the necessary tests. Based on the test results, we decided to do a simple surgery on her using the latest German techniques critical to her speedy recovery and essential to reducing the risk of infection. Compared to other surgical procedures, the operation involved small surgical intervention with minimal pain. We are confident that the center will set a new trend in the field of caring and fixing the spine thanks to its   advanced technologies and upgraded surgical techniques that conform to the highest quality standards.”

Dr. Thaer added: “The professionalism and speed of the response of the medical staff had an impact on the success of the operation.  The patient has already been discharged from the hospital and she is now on her way to full recovery. Five days from the surgery, the patient felt only minor pain and she was able to take the 20-hour flight back to her home country. We will continue to provide the best treatment services and healthcare solutions that effectively address the needs of our patients and ensure them a healthy and happy life.”

The Spine Care Center at Prime Hospital has conducted many successful operations for herniated disks and vertebrae in the neck and the back using the latest surgical techniques, which result in wounds less than one centimeter. Patients can move and get rid of the pain from day one of the surgery.

The Spine Care Center provides conservative and surgical treatment services for spine disorders and chronic back pain using limited intervention techniques and laparoscopic surgery. These techniques minimize surgical damages of muscles and tissues, which reduce the length of stay in the hospital and minimize scars.


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