Some Best Advices For Gorgeous Skin Shared By Skin Care Specialists!

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is the only organ in which the signs of aging are most visible and most likely it is the only organ that is brutally affected when comes in contact to the UVA rays. With these facts in mind, skin issue sufferers keep on requesting to get good information and treatment tips that may improve their skin appearance, lessen aging stigmas and help them get rid of any sort of skin issues they are suffering from.

Corresponding to this request, there is a burgeoning number of skin care products and advices available that claim to aid this pursuit. First and foremost, a change of the patient's lifestyle like limit sun exposure, shun nicotine abuse and take proper nutrition should take place; only then available skin acre remedies and other advices may work.

This article reflects some best advices for beautiful skin shared by a Skin Specialist in Dubai…..

Skin care -- anywhere, anytime -

Keep extra beauty treatments in your car so that when you are in bad traffic or at a red light of course you can use them. You can apply serum, an eye mask, eyebrow gel, teeth whitening strips and more depending on your specific skin requirements.

Practice a facial massage to fight wrinkle -

People tend to frown and scrunch their faces, which lead to the occurrence of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. To avoid having these aging symptoms and to relax your face, do some facial acupressure at bedtime. How to do it -- Press above your inner eyebrows, temples and next to your nostrils, keep on holding for 10 seconds each.

Hydrate your skin -

Hydration is the key to unlock the healthy and beautiful skin but the amount of water you drink daily is not enough to fulfill the requirement of proper skin hydration. Hence, it is imperative to hydrate the skin from the inside out and outside in with creams, serums and mists.

Avoid hot showers that can be drying -

Hot water can be too harsh to your skin. so, avoid washing your face with hot water. You can sue tepid water to bath but not hot.

Never fly without SPF rich sunscreen -

We often pamper our face but forget to give good care to our neck, chest and hands. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to the neck, chest, and hands before you come in contact with the sun. These areas of the skin age faster and are harder to improve than the face.

Don't ever rub your eyes -

Eyes are the most sensitive organ of the body. So, it needs good care too. Yes, to ensure good eye sight, you need to go to an eye specialist but to ensure the beauty of your eyes, the advices of a skin specialist may work wonder. A skin specialist never advises you to rub your eyes in any case. If you scrub your eyes as you scrub a pot, they will look black like a pot. When you need to take off eye makeup, gently wipe it off with a cotton ball or wipes but don’t rub it. These are just a few advices shared by skin care specialists in Dubai. To know more about skin care or to get rid of any of your skin problems you are dealing with, book an appointment with a dermatologist now.

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