Preparation for Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy affects everyone differently, so it can be hard to know how to prepare for treatment. A chemotherapy session may take only a few hours, but you might have side effects for days or weeks afterward. To make your life easier and more comfortable as you recover, think about how you’ll take care of yourself at home before you go in for treatment.

  • Try to stay as healthy as you can before and during treatment.
  • Eat nourishing food and drink lots of water. Try selecting food that is easily digestible and is causing less nausea or altered bowel habits
  • Get enough sleep, and balance rest and physical activity. Try to take more rest during days of more side effects
  • Regular exercise and good nutrition can help reduce some of the side effects of chemotherapy.
  • Try to quit smoking and alcohol, as it can help in reducing side effects and improve appetite. Also in some cancers, quitting can help in improving the benefits of chemotherapy.
  • A chemo bag can be prepared for chemo sessions- this may include warm clothing, healthy snacks, and something to pass the time, such as books, headphones for listening to music and podcasts, or a laptop
  • Try to arrange enough support for managing professional and family life. Also, consider support for traveling during days of chemotherapy.
  • Dental checkups before starting chemotherapy help in avoiding side effects like infections or bleeding gums
  • Always discuss your concerns, expected side-effects of treatment, and ongoing other medicines with your oncology team.

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