Healthy Eating Tips for Festive Season

Author : Ms. Prachi Telang | Clinical Dietitian


During the holiday & festive season, one can eat a staggering 6,000kcal which is way beyond any recommendation for healthy intake! A regular question received by registered dietitians & nutritionists focuses on how much weight is gained on average during the holiday season. To avoid unnecessary weight gain, dieticians can help patients and clients reframe their relationship with food during the holidays and make them meet their goals in achieving a healthy and balanced lifestyle. 

In the holiday season, parties become numerous along with platters of rich and delicious seasonal foods. Below are some helpful tips for before, during and after the party:

Before the party:

  • Going to a party straight after work? Try having a small healthy snack, like a bowl of low-sugar wholegrain cereal, oatcakes with peanut butter, or a plain yogurt before you go, so you do not arrive hungry and dive straight into the high-calorie nibbles.
  • If you have to pre-order for a sit down meal (particularly if you are going for lots of festive meals) – instead of ordering a full dinner, why not save that for later celebrations, and opt for a healthier option like grilled fish or a vegetable based dish, and have a soup or salad to start instead of a sweet dessert.

  During the party:

  • Studies show that the greater the choice of food on offer, the more calories we tend to consume. So rather than trying a little of everything at a buffet, stick to a few smart choices – selecting the healthier items first can make it easier to say no to higher calorie options later. Go for things like vegetable sticks, breadsticks and dip/hummus, and avoid too many choices with pastry or breadcrumbs.
  • When it comes to festive drinks, choose sugar-free mixers, go for smaller glasses and try including non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water too.
  • Keep drinking lots of water alongside your festive food – you can always alternative alcoholic drinks with water to reduce your alcohol intake!

After the party:

 If you do not have time to follow your usual exercise pattern during the festive period, why not build activity into your daily routine.

  • Walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift or get off the bus a few stops early and walk the rest of your journey.
  • Rather than lots of screen time, why not wrap up and go for a brisk walk in 30 minutes at (4 miles/hour) can use up 150 calories.
  • Why not get family and friends together for some sport or activity – you could go outside and play football or stay indoors and play some active games like charades, musical statues or even interactive tennis on the games console!


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