Get set to be ready before RAMADAN!

Pre-Ramadan education is a key component of safe fasting during Ramadan for people with diabetes & other chronic diseases


Structured education programs should include information on risk quantification, removing misconceptions, SMBG ( self-monitoring of blood glucose), diet, exercise, and physical activity, medication adjustments and dose testing, recognition of the symptoms of complications, and when to break the fast to avoid harm.


The beneficial effects of pre-Ramadan education on adequate nutrition and meal intake, medication dosages, and healthy lifestyle behaviors can guide individuals to fast safely and safely. 

  • Glucose monitoring technology was vital in managing diabetes, predicting severe hypoglycemia, and achieving HbA1c targets. 
  • Studies have demonstrated the clear benefits of Ramadan-focused educational programs on glycemic control, weight loss, and improving the risk of hypoglycemia, potentially even in higher-risk individuals. 
  • The positive outcomes of these programs may also extend beyond the month of Ramadan fasting.


Health Tips:

  1. Use some voluntary fast days to make up for the days you missed last year. Fasting can be easier if you do this first.
  2. Get advice about fasting if you have chronic diseases in advance.
  3. Your metabolism will adapt easier to fasting if you start eating breakfast earlier than usual.
  4. Slowly reduce your portion sizes before Ramadan to avoid increasing your appetite and making it more difficult to fast.
  5. Avoid snacking between meals during the next few weeks leading up to Ramadan. By stopping the snacks, you will only be dropping one meal of your diet during fasting.
  6. Reduce your caffeine consumption gradually. This will help train your body to function normally during fasting hours without caffeine.
  7. Before Ramadan, meal planning ensures you consume the right amount of nutrients.
  8. Quitting smoking is easiest during Ramadan. Start reducing your cigarette consumption to prepare for Ramadan. During Ramadan, consider quitting smoking for good.



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