Mohammed Faiz

Operations Director, Prime Healthcare Group

Abdul Hameed Mohammed Faiz, a seasoned human resource management professional with more than fifteen years of professional experience in the field, currently serves as Prime Healthcare Group’s Director of Operations in Dubai. He is highly proficient in a wide range of HR functions across HR, Administration, Project & Facility Management, Procurement, Clinical Engineering & overall Group Operations that levers the business in achieving various quality awards like DQA, JCI, SHJseen & DHA Health awards.

As Director of Operations, he identifies opportunities and bringing them together as part of the strategic plan to drive business advantage. He is a member of the Group’s Core Committee, Staff Wellness Committee, Central Procurement, Facility Management, Asset Management and Quality Committee.

After starting his career with Prime Healthcare Group’s HR, Administration and Purchase Departments in 2001, Mr. Faiz went on to handle several managerial positions within the same department before taking on the role of Director - Operations. During his long-standing career with the Group, he has been highly instrumental in setting up various departments’ Policies & Procedures of the Organization and quality based operations standards. He is also known for maintaining high-quality professional relationships with employees and stakeholders of diverse nationalities.

Mr. Faiz holds Masters in Commerce degree and Master Diploma in Business Administration and also with certifications in Healthcare leadership skills and ISO quality standards audit. Prior to his career with Prime Healthcare Group, he had been associated with ETA Ascon Group in Dubai.


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