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Strategic partnership between Prime Healthcare Group and Dubai Airports to help promote healthier lifestyles for airport employees

Dubai, 2nd July 2017

Prime Healthcare Group has recently entered into a strategic new agreement with Dubai Airports aimed at promoting a healthier lifestyle for airport employees. Under the terms of the agreement, Prime Medical Center will manage the operations of the Wellness Center located inside the Dubai International Airport--acting as the primary healthcare provider for the employee Wellness Center.

The new partnership aims to address emergency cases, provide basic healthcare services, and assess the health condition of ailing employees. In extreme and complicated cases, the medical staff is duty bound to recommend their transfer to a bigger facility.

Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director, Prime Healthcare Group, said: "Our agreement comes amid the government’s intensified campaign to build a premier local health sector according to world standards and implement best health practices. It is also in line with the UAE Government’s initiative to bring happiness, promote positivity in local communities, and ensure high quality of life in the country. Our partnership with Dubai Airports is a testament to our shared commitment to this initiative rolled out under the guidance of the UAE’s wise leadership."