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Prime Hospital performs nine successful surgeries to help save university student’s life from severe car accident injuries

Prime Hospital has successfully conducted nine major surgeries to help save the life of a 19-year-old female who was involved in a car accident in Ajman, resulting in severe fractures and injuries to different parts of her body. The success of the surgical procedures serves as a great achievement and inspiration in the UAE's continuing journey towards medical excellence.

According to Dr. Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director, Prime Hospital, the vehicular accident caused the patient to suffer from severe injuries across various parts of her body, which included a fracture and dislocation in the neck, double fractures in the clavicle and shoulder, double fracture in the hip, a fracture in the lower spine, laceration of the spleen and fractures in the rib cage--all requiring immediate medical attention. The urgency of the situation called for nine surgical procedures, which were all successfully performed by the hospital's highly skilled surgeons.

Dr. Ahmed further pointed out that suffering from such a large amount of fractures and injuries required intensive care and high accuracy in efficiently handling the critical situation of the patient, emphasizing that the high professionalism and quick response of the medical team have had the greatest impact in saving the student’s life. She has been discharged from the hospital in good health and is gradually healing under the supervision and constant monitoring of her attending specialists. Dr. Ahmed further pointed out to the wide expertise and strenuous efforts of the medical and nursing personnel who successfully conducted the surgeries. He underlined the commitment of Prime Hospital to maintain utmost readiness in responding to emergency medical and surgical cases, in addition to offering best-in-class treatment services and healthcare solutions to address patients’ needs in the UAE.

The nine surgeries were performed in Prime Hospital’s medical facilities under the supervision of Dr. Amr Hussein, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, and Dr. Amr Tharwat, Consultant Neurosurgeon, for the treatment of severe fractures in the neck, clavicles, shoulder, hip, rib cage and lower spine and spleen laceration. Despite the patient’s critical situation, the medical team successfully managed to provide necessary medical care to overcome the dangerous state of the injuries and conduct all nine surgeries successfully. Post surgery, the patient has recovered remarkably well and is leading a normal, healthy life. She can walk without support and has resumed her university education.