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Doctor Profile

Dr. Bassem Makkar

M.B.B.Ch., Master’s degree (Orthopedic Surgery)

Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Bassem Makkar possesses 11 years of professional experience in orthopedics, including four years of work experience in Saudi Arabia’s King Abdullah Medical Complex City. After completing initial years of medical studies from Egypt’s Cairo University, Dr. Bassem obtained his Master’s in Orthopedic Surgery in 2012. Then later, he enhanced his trauma care skills by doing basic life support (BSL) course and had managed the trauma team in KAMCJ-KSA. He also practiced as an Orthopedic Specialist Surgeon for the Ministry of Health in Egypt for 7 years and an Orthopedic Specialist at the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Egyptian Medical Syndicate and Dubai Health Authority. He is an active member of various medical associations.


  • Management all types of trauma and fractures for adult and pediatric patients
  • Management of infected, non-united fractures
  • Management of arthritis and rheumatic problems including osteoporosis
  • Sport medicine and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Chronic back and other joints-related problems