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Doctor Profile

Dr. Marim El Sayed Ismail


General Practitioner

Dr. Mariam Al Sayed is a Medical officer General Practitioner /women's health issues OB/GYN with thirteen years’ experience in medical field & her experience has been diversified in Oman & Egypt.

She had the declaration studies of MBBch BENHA UNIVERSITY .EGYPT& Fellow of Egyptian Board of family Medicine.

Back up her experience in handles the diagnosis, treatment & referrals of patients & assist in several life-saving procedures and that has developed her capabilities and knowledge.

Previously, she joined Oman Ministry of Health as Medical officer general practitioner/women's health issues. With more than 10 years of experience.


  • Handles the diagnosis, treatment and referrals of patients
  • Assist in several life-saving procedures
  • Manage the outpatient clinic & nursing staff
  • Performs basic medical procedures
  • Participate in several training courses
  • ECG interpretation
  • First Aid of trauma & orthopedic
  • Diagnoses and follow-up of chronic illnesses Diabetes, hypertension, asthma dyslipidaemia etc examine the patient to determine the nature of the disorder or illness, and record the Patient’s medical information
  • Running Antenatal care clinic including follow up and treatment
  • Running Birth spacing clinic with all procedures including IUCD(intrauterine contraceptive device) insertion and subdermal implant insertion
  • Well women being services (Breast & Menopause) across a wide range of primary health care conditions plan and provide treatment and refer as requir