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Doctor Profile

Dr. Eiman Al Khatib

MB- Doctor of Medicine Diploma
Internal Medicine Certificate
Hematology Certificate

Specialist Hematologist

She has 16 years experience in the field of (Hematology and Internal Medicine) she graduated in 1999 from Damascus University- Syria finished internal medicine degree in 1996. got her master degree in hematology in 1999 from the MOH Damascus- Syria she worked 14 years at government Hospitals in Damascus as specialist hematology managing  OPD patients, IP patients including Chemotherapy regimens, blood transfusion, plasmaphereses , iron infusions and others she worked as Consultant in hematology diseases at Thalassemia Center in Damascus.


  • Performing Bone Marrow Aspirations and Bone- Marrow Biopsy Procedures for Diagnostic purpose
  • Administrating hematologic treatments over 15 years including chemotherapy regimens
  • Blood transfusions and management of all their complications, plasmapheresis, iron infusion
  • Ability to distinguish critical patients situations and manage their cases with appropriate treatments